Bill Kaulitz With No Make Up

bill kaulitz with no make up

    bill kaulitz
  • Tokio Hotel is a pop rock band from Germany. Founded in 2001 by singer Bill Kaulitz, guitarist Tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schafer and bassist Georg Listing.

  • Bill Kaulitz (born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, Germany) is an androgynous German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer and model. He is best known for his work from 2001 to the present as the lead singer of the band Tokio Hotel.

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bill kaulitz with no make up - Tokio Hotel

Tokio Hotel Fever

Tokio Hotel Fever

Tokio Hotel—twin brothers, vocalist Bill and guitarist Tom Kaulitz; drummer Gustav Schafer; and bassist Georg Listing—were already multiplatinum-selling superstars in their native Germany when they decided to take the rest of the world by storm, and this tribute is the ultimate guide to the band. Featuring stunning photos of the band—in performance, off stage, and as children—this biography details their early days, their musical and style influences, and their love for their devoted legions of fans. Tokio Hotel translated their two albums from German to English and found North Americans just as receptive to their alt-rock music, moving lyrics, and distinct visual style. This led to a nomination for the MTV Video Music Award for best pop video and a win for best new artist in 2008. From facts and style information on each of the band members to a discography and videography of their work, this guide to all things Tokio Hotel is essential for any die-hard fan and a great introduction for those new to their music.

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bill kaulitz steals girlfriend!

bill kaulitz steals girlfriend!

okay do you guys believe this or is this another rumor?

Rumor: has posted a new article alleging that Bill stole the girlfriend of a guy named Dennis K. Apparently the girl, named Pinky S, is the same age as Bill, is half-asian, and has an apprenticeship as a cemetery gardener.

The article says that Pinky wrote a letter to Bill, he replied, and they began talking online. She later left Dennis for Bill, and both admitted that they knew each other to Bild, but nothing more.

What do you think about this? Sounds like just another fake story to me, but I want to hear your thoughts!

Dennis K.: “Bill stole my girlfriend!”
…She’s half-asian and a punk

Thousands of girls worldwide idolize him. But privately, rockstar Bill Kaulitz (20) from Tokio Hotel had allegedly no girlfriend since six years anymore.

Now Bill seems to have lost his heart to a same-aged punk from Thuringia. Her name is Pinky S., is half-asian and makes now an apprenticeship as a cemetery gardener.

So far, so good. Wouldn’t there be Pinky’s ex-boyfriend Dennis K. (21). He claims: “Bill stole my girlfriend!”

Dennis was with Pinky a couple of months. Until Pinky broke up with him – allegedly because of Bill.

Dennis K. tells: “Pinky was a fan of Tokio Hotel and wrote a letter with a pic of her to Bill. Someday he answered and they wrote on the internet. Later they met as well. They spent a night at a hotel in Leipzig. Bill even visited her at home.”

An astir writing-communication developed between the two love-rivals on the internet.

Bill wrote about Pinky: “I love her so much, I enjoy every minute with her. I’d love to bring her to me to Hamburg.”

Dennis K.: “Bill whined like a spoilt child all the time. But I didn’t want to give Pinky away. Nevertheless I felt that I would lose her to Bill. I know from Pinky that he had talked me down in front of her and that he had toadied to her.

After Pinky left Dennis, he got an internet-message from Bill again. There was written: I didn’t like it that you was with her.” Dennis wrote back: “I give you the green light now.”

Pinky S. and “Tokio Hotel”-Bill didn’t want to comment about their relationship. But they admitted to know each other.

We've Got Some Growing Up to Do. That Makes Me Nervous.

We've Got Some Growing Up to Do. That Makes Me Nervous.

the ready set ♥ [song: Aileron]

another year gone by. this seems like just yesterday. more like 11 years ago!

this isn't really photography, but this is my favourite photo of my sister and i ever. [i'm the small one] i just felt like posting this because i miss summer. the colours are amazing in this snapshot, and if i look at it long enough, i forget how miserable it is outside.

some things to tell you:

- i got a tripod for christmas! WOO!
- it turns out i had three photos that have been explored, and i didn't even know it! :)
- i have been tagged numerous times, but have only done two 'ten things,' so i will write ten things on this photo.

1. i love finding a baby mandarin orange slice in between two big ones. aw! :3
2. i hate online gym. and what kind of fitness course promotes sitting in front of a screen for hours at a time? oh, right. mine.
3. i always take shots that look amazing on camera, so i upload them, and then they look completely different. in the crappiest way possible. like, they are unfocused or something.
4. i have had side, straight and no bangs throughout my life, and have gone from copper, to light brown, to dark brown, to mahogany to black. all of these colours were from me trying to get chestnut. stupid cheap boxed colouring sets..... EFF!
5. i can never remember my olympus camera's name. if i recall correctly, its Jeff.
6. Jeff's birthday is on February 26 :)
7. as soon as you describe a dish with the word 'bacon,' i'll eat it.
8. i will marry bill kaulitz one day. it will happen.
9. i have been addicted to food in mugs lately. soup, hot chocolate, etc. i think its the holiday-ness in the air.
10. i am trying to train myself to become ambidextrous. you know, just in case my right arm gets chopped off one day.

bill kaulitz with no make up

bill kaulitz with no make up


It's been a long year for the army of Tokio Hotel followers. But come October, the visually captivating German-born international rock idols plan to pay back their fans' dedication--with interest. Humanoid is the highly anticipated follow-up to the platinum-selling, MTV VMA-winning group's 2008 US debut, Scream.
"We took our time with this album until we had the perfect feeling about the songs and the entire production," singer Bill Kaulitz said. "We're totally in love with Humanoid and hope it will make up for the fans' long wait!"
The first single, "Automatic," clocks in at just over three minutes but feels like an epic, thanks to the growling, layered guitar work of Tom Kaulitz, 19, and his twin brother Bill's anthemic, heartfelt yowl. In the opening verse, he sings, "You're automatic and your heart's like an engine/I die with every beat." The contagious words and melodies are only highlighted by the honed, mechanical precision of 22-year-old bassist Georg Listing and 20-year old drummer Gustav Schafer. It's one of their best ever slices of driving desperation destined to become fans' favorite scream-along.
The biggest act to come out of Germany in 20 years, Tokio Hotel has gone 10x platinum, scored four #1 singles, sold out arenas and stadiums across Europe and played to 500,000 people at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in 2008. Along the way, they picked up MTV's Best New Artist VMA and a nomination for Best Pop Video for "Ready, Set, Go!" among other accolades.
Already an established international sensation, the musicians hunkered down for months with longtime producer David Jost with the goal of releasing 13 science fiction-inspired, timeless tracks to the entire world all at once. The new record secures a place for Tokio Hotel as one of rock's most enduring groups.

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bill kaulitz with no make up

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